Part-Time SAT/ACT Coach (Remote)

Telecommute · Boston, Massachusetts, United States · Learning


Do you like helping students succeed? Do you want to bring high quality education to more students? Do you like finding ways to make people more efficient and effective? You may be a good fit as a Testive coach. Our coaches provide support, accountability, and expert content knowledge to their students as they prepare for the SAT and the ACT. They are both tutors and mentors, like test prep personal trainers.

Testive has pioneered a unique approach to learning that helps students succeed by combining a personalized, online learning experience with a human coach. Since we took on our first students, we have found that applying the power of technology along with the intuition of people leads to effective test prep and a fulfilling experience for our students, families, and coaches.

This position involves working with students as their coach and helping improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their test preparation efforts. The ideal candidate loves helping students succeed and believes that all students can reach their potential when given good materials, good tracking, and good motivation.

Coaches meet with students weekly and communicate with students and parents regularly about their progress. All meetings take place virtually, and Testive's software provides the necessary learning tools and analytics. Tutoring experience is preferred, and a passion for teaching and learning is a requirement.


Content Knowledge / Scores

Our coaches need to have robust knowledge of the content presented on the SAT and the ACT. We're looking for coaches who scored in the following ranges at least one of these tests:

- 2100 or above on the 2400-scale SAT

- 1400 or above on the 1600-scale SAT

- 31 or above on the ACT (out of 36)


This position is part-time with flexible hours and is subject to seasonality. We are especially looking for coaches who can ramp up their commitment to a higher number of students during the summer. Keeping this in mind, you must be available to meet with students regularly:

- At least three weekday evenings and/or weekend days per week in order to accommodate the high school schedule (wider range of possibilities considered during the summer)

Pay Rate

Coaches are expected to meet with students for approximately 30 minutes per week, in addition to prep and communication time, and to keep track of their progress on a daily basis:

- Total time commitment is therefore around 3 hours per month per student

- Coaches are paid $70 per active student per month, plus a bonus for students who meet assignment-completion goals. Additional compensation may be provided for student referrals and students acquired independently.

Other Requirements

Our students and families aren’t just looking for test prep experts who can generate a number on a standardized test for them; they are looking for trusted partners who will support them through this stressful part of the college application process. Therefore our coaches need to meet the following requirements:

- Communicate consistently and thoroughly with parents about their students

- Respond to questions and concerns in a timely fashion

- Seek support and guidance when necessary

- Participate in collaborative observation and feedback sessions with other coaches (about a half-hour total each month)

- Only college graduates (not current students) will be considered for this position

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